Sunday, May 19, 2019

4 for the home team

It's a long weekend up here in the Great White North, which allows me to spend a couple of days focusing on my own projects for a change.
I've managed to put the finishing touches on 4 '37 AAR design boxcars for my SP fleet.
I took IMWX/Red Caboose 40' boxcars and went to town on them.

I plugged all the holes in the bodies with styrene rod,
Replaced the brake gear with Tichy components and used my own etched brake levers
Upgraded many of the body details with etched parts, sill steps, ladders, brake step, cut lever bracket, airhose bracket, running boards. The tack boards are resin parts. Most of the parts used arte from my own product line.
I'll be using Speedwitch Media SP boxcar decals, once the paint has fully cured.
Looking forward to seeing these done and on the rails.

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