Saturday, April 8, 2023

Big news!

 I'm thrilled to announce that Yarmouth Model Works will be the first "stockist" in North America to stock the Modelu line of figures

Initially I will be only stocking the North American figures, mostly in HO, but some O scale as well.
Everything in the product line can be ordered though

These are simply the nicest figures available today, which is why I decided to import them.
It will take a few weeks for the website to up and running, as well as for initial inventory to arrive from the UK.
Bookmark and checkin in a few weeks.


DandHColonieMain said...

Do the figures come painted, or do you have to paint them yourself? I hate figure painting.

Pierre Oliver said...

They come unpainted

Jim Eager said...

Excellent news, Pierre. I see several figures from all three eras that I will want to order.

Anonymous said...

Will be interested in ordering some sets, recommended by Mr Hunter H. When will the figures be available? LVarela Thank you