Thursday, May 31, 2012

When is a deal not a deal

When the item doesn't perform

Following on some of the thoughts in the previous post, I thought I'd go on a bit more about tools.

I like to support my local hobby shop, hopefully that means he'll be there when I need him in the future.(There's another topic for a rant). When I went in a while ago to resupply X-acto knife blades all he had were the "Proedge" items seen above. He assured me that they were of the same quality and a bargain to boot. So I plunked down my $22.75 plus taxes and wandered home.

Well... Never again! The cutting edge was poorly honed. I could feel dragging and grabbing as I cut and they snapped at the shank whenever I applied a reasonable amount of pressure. Never mind that the tip snapped off with very little pressure. I was chewing through these blades at 5 times the normal rate.

Given that I can go through 2 boxes of  premium blades a year, this was not a bargain. Lesson learned, again. No more cheap tools. Ever!

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that! Had the same experience with an X-acto knock off...."they're just as good and cheaper!" I would just say they were cheap.