Sunday, December 22, 2013

A slighty different kind of job

Recently I was contacted to create a piece of promotional material for a grain handler in the Mid-West.
They wanted models of their leased 67' Trinity hoppers with the addition of the logo and the full name on the side.
Fortune was on our side.
Walthers have a large array of Trinity hoppers available. I chose a style that had minimal lettering to remove and ordered 6.
With the cars in hand, I lightly sanded the factory lettering down and painted over the affected areas. This is where having a wife with a good eye comes in handy. We had gone to the local military modeling shop and chose a grey that matched the factory paint job. Gotta love Model Masters paint!
With the cars painted I applied the custom decals I had created by a friend.
Ta Da!
I'm very pleased with the end result and I expect the client will be as well.
BTW, 67' covered hoppers are huge!

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