Saturday, December 21, 2013

More data on the ACF Type 3 covered hopper roof

A full description of the AC&F 1958 cu ft covered hoppers is available in the RP Cyc #27.
The version we are offering is on a "Murphy" style roof.
Over 950 were built for 13 different railroads. Some had the open side configuration and some the closed side option.
The roads using this car were,  ATSF, CIL, D&RGW, DMIR, DPCX, EJ&E, GN, I-GN, LS&BC, M-I, M-K-T, MP.
And it appears the CB&Q built a version in their shops which was very similar to this car.
 Built in the CB&Q Havelok shops I believe.

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407_411_Soudan said...

CB&Q built many hundreds of these for themself and subsidiaries C&S and FW&D under classes HC-1, 1A, 1B and rebuilt cars as HC-1C and 1D. The first series was built in Galesburg, IL with all later work at the CB&Q Havelock, NE shops. There has been some speculation that these were built from kits supplied by General American as they share common features with GATC-built cars.

Above photo of BN 973470 by myself at Galesburg, IL June 23, 2007.