Sunday, December 22, 2013

Such a week I've had!

Looking at the last 6 or so postings, it's been quite a week.
A couple of new products, some large jobs completed, and an argument of sorts with Yahoo Groups.
Time for some me time.
I played around yesterday afternoon with some scenery effects and I very pleased.
First was wild flower blossoms in the long grass east of Jarvis. I used a few of the colours from Scenic Express and very lightly scattered them on top of the static grass. I had sprayed cheap hair spry before hand for adhesive and it's holding rather well.
Feeling emboldened, I tried another idea I had. There was a bit of an ugly line under the RoW fence so I hid it with some tufts of Poly Fiber and some red blossoms. I think it works.
The row of generic shrubbery along the backdrop needs to be extended more to the left, I know. Maybe tomorrow.
Then it was tree planting time. My favorite, Super Trees. And here I tried another new thing for me. Behind the tree line, I tried a technique from Lance Mindheim. I used strips of a sanding medium, Mirlon, to add depth to the tree stand and soften the edge. I really like the effect.
Now to add RoW fences and telegraph poles and add the final ballast on this stretch of main.
I'm thinking tomorrow will be a scenery day after I get back from the post office.


Trevor said...

Well, just look at you go! It looks great my friend - and I bet it was a nice break from building kits for others. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person over the holidays at some point.

gary roe said...

It looks very convincing! Nice job Pierre.