Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Am I becoming one of those guys?

We've all encountered them.
The model train enthusiast, who is in desperate need of some personal hygiene. They seem to populate the weekend train shows that crop up in community centers. They seem to have chosen to switch the yard rather than shower.
I usually shower just before dinner, after a day of whatever work has thrown at me.
Yesterday afternoon, after a long day of working on resin stock cars, I got involved in spiking more track down.
And I really got into the whole "Zen" of the process, when my wife came down and asked if I was showering before dinner. Without thinking I responded, " I'm busy spiking rail."
I did, in the end, shower before dinner.


Anonymous said...

Trains shows are...."breath taking" affairs.

Have you tried those Walther's spikes?



Pierre Oliver said...

No I haven't. I have a pound of ME spikes in hand as well as with the passing of Doug Rochefort, current access to Walthers is touch and go.
I've evolved an in front of the TV process for clipping heads which is working.