Sunday, December 27, 2015

Stock car Chronicles, Brake rodding

Well that went quicker than I'd feared it might.
All 15 cars now have all the underbody brake rods added.
For this task, I did not use the kit supplied cast resin brake levers. Who wants to take the time to clean them up? Instead I used etched levers that I sell through Yarmouth Model Work. With them being 0.005" thick brass I can also easily add clevis' on the brake rods.
I like to use Tichy turnbuckles with one end cut off to represent the clevis that is present on the ends of brake rods. It's a nice detail and makes for a very secure connection between the lever and the rod. And it's quick to do.
The other added touch I do is the bit of chain on the hand brake rod connecting to the brake cylinder. I bend a small loop in the end of a piece of wire, add a length of scale chain and close the loop. The chain is secure to the brake lever with a "U" shaped bit of thin wire and the rod is secured into the truck bolster. All told it takes about 15-20 minutes to add all those details.
Now for some would question adding so much detail to the underside of a model, where it may not get seen. Well, more and more layouts are being built at eye level and who amongst us hasn't squatted down to look at models at track level? That's when those details really show.
Also, I know it's there and I kinda enjoy making the effort.
The side tension rods are next, wait till you see what that does for the look of this car.

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