Sunday, January 17, 2016

Stock Car Chronicles, decals and done!

Decaling 15 cars at once stretched not only my patience but my work space.
A small shout out here is warranted to Al Westerfield. When he created the decals for this car, he did it knowing that some modelers like to build fleets of cars. As a result the number jumbles on the decal sheet allowed me to number 15 cars all with different numbers and each car`s number was done with only 2 pieces each. Thanks for thinking of me Al!
No matter how you look at it, that`s a lot of stock cars. That string of cars is going to look awesome behind an NYC mikado.
I can easily imagine this engine pulling those cars.
First thing tomorrow, we go to the post office!


Anonymous said...


I remember asking you at Naperville one time, about how many cars you felt was the "right" number to do at a time. You said it all had to do with each individual, and what they were comfortable with. Evidently your comfort level is somewhere in the range of 15!

Good job!


marc monserrat said...

Just discovered you! How awesome to share your sketches, thank you so much.
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