Monday, January 11, 2016

Stock Car Chronicles, Paint at last

This weekend the cars got painted.
At the clients request, Tru-color paint was used. They offer a whole line of prototype colours to match the various shades and hues used by the many different companies over the years.
Some of the colours I really like and some of the choices I'm not so sure about.
But in this case the NYC colour matches other colour mixes I've used in the past.
If the formulation of Tru-color is unchanged from decades past when it was Accupaint, it's more an ink than a paint, thus it handles a little differently. There are also reports of it not adhering well to resin.
In terms of handling, it thins with acetone. I find it rather thick to be sprayed straight from the bottle and since it drys so quickly, I had to stop and clean the airbrush a couple of times to eliminate clogging. But it covers well and drys gloss which is helpful for decaling.
The adhesion concern was addressed by spraying Tru-color primer and letting that dry for a day. Here's hoping that takes care of that problem.
As I said the paint dries very quickly, but I chose to let everything sit and cure for a couple of days. I've had issues in the past with paint outgassing under decals and creating air bubbles that I wind up spending far too much time chasing and dealing with.
Now for decals.
Actually it's time for a little me time.
Stay tuned...

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