Monday, January 4, 2016

Stock Car Chronicles, Grabirons

Waste not, want not.
That's been the byword for the latest step.
With over 450 grabirons to install, I'm not interested in wasting hardware. Most of the drop grabs supplied by Westerfield are not fully formed.
The drop portion should be fully perpendicular to the mounting shaft, but for years now the drop grabs from Westerfield have been as above. It's easy enough to fix. I just clamp them in a pair of square nose pliers and complete the bend.
Easy. I could have tossed the supplied grabs and used Tichy grabs, but 450 grabs is a lot of hardware to toss.
With the grabs now the desired shape, the holes are drilled and the grabs attached. I use strips of styrene to help maintain consistent spacing from the sides.
The end result.
We're getting closer. I might be painting this coming weekend.

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