Friday, February 12, 2016

I'm done with Tru-color

Trucolor paints and I are parting ways.

Never to be used again in my shops!
Some really nice colors, dries fast and glossy, which maybe part of the problem.
But it has a very serious problem adhering to resin.
Remember those 15 NYC stock cars? While they left here looking great, it appear that there was a significant amount of paint failure, mostly on the roofs that the cars that were roofed with the Speedwitch roofs.
This is the second time in recent history that I've had this brand of paint fail on resin. And both times for the same customer. Needless to say the customer is pretty pissed and I don't really blame him, but Trucolor was used at his insistence.
I've never had paint failures like this when using Floquil or Scalecoat. I've had discussions with others about this problem. It seems the only way to be assured of good adhesion on resin is to media blast the finished models and then rewash before priming.
Well I don't have time for that, never mind the whole trial of having to create a dedicated blasting space. Don't want blasting media anywhere near models being painted.
I don't have to go through these hoops to use lacquers and enamels. The only tricky finishing issue I have is with painting Chooch O scale cars. The resin Chooch used has an issue with micro-pores on the surface which perpetually outgas, causing fisheyes with model paint. The solution is to prime the models with a premium automotive primer which seals the resin and allows model paint to adhere properly.
Back to the paints I know work.

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