Monday, February 15, 2016

Now on Train Masters TV.


The first of a few episodes I shot with host Trevor Marshall is now available for viewing on the Train Masters TV website.
There's a preview, if you've not subscribed to the service here.
I demonstrate how I add fully detailed brake rigging to a boxcar kit. This episode is part one of two parts covering this topic. While the work actually doesn't take long, talking and demonstrating does, so we broke the job up into two episodes.
A later episode will also cover assembling my ladders.
I you don't already subscribe to Train Masters TV, let me urge you to try it out for a while. While it's not free, it's not expensive and there's so much there to see. Lot's of topics covered in high quality video, expert advice and lessons, and some stuff you wouldn't otherwise be able to see.
I had fun shooting the episodes and will be back to the studios for future projects

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