Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I love this technique!

0.060" styrene sheet for backdrops and fascia.

The plastic is relatively cheap. $100.00 bought me 4 sheets.
It's real easy to work. Just scribe and snap like you would for model making. Admittedly 4'x8' sheets are a tad unwieldy, but we prevail.
No fasteners are required. I use a panel adhesive, No More Nails, it grabs well and drys fairly quickly.
Seams are dealt with by scabbing a splice plate on the back and gluing using solvent cement. In this case good ole Testors.
I'll use spot putty to fill the seams and it'll get painted in a couple of days.
I put up 40' of backdrop in a couple of hours, without assistance.
It's starting to look like a model railroad down here.


Robin Talukdar said...

I found that black styrene was perfect for the fascia on my layout. I just put up some aluminum flashing for a backdrop, and what with all the issues of weight, waviness, and paint not sticking well, I will go with the plastic for future sections.

Matt said...

I've also put up (successfully, in my case) aluminum flashing for backdrop. I'm happy with it and have had no problem with paint sticking.


I'd committed to the idea before really hearing about using styrene sheet. If I ever build the second level, I plan to use styrene.