Sunday, June 12, 2016

Nothing like the onset of Summer...

To motivate me to add scenery to the layout

I've been playing with a slightly different methodology, at least for me, to get these results. One day I'll actually photo document one location from beginning to end for you. But for now...
These scenes are the results of 7 passes, adding layers, colour and texture. There's still more to come. Right of way fencing, telegraph poles, and trees!
To date we've had in order,
Sculptamold applied over styrofoam, I don't tint the Sculptamold since it really messes with the setting time.
Earth coloured paint.
Brush on slightly thinned Weldbond and sift in Woodland Scenics Burnt Grass as a base.
Once that sets, randomly scatter 2-3 other greens of ground foam and spray with wet water and secure with thin white glue.
Randomly add clumps of Scenic Express Coarse Super Turf, again with a variety of colours, secure with matt medium.
Brush in a layer of slightly thinned Weldbond around the clumps and add a layer of static grass. I've added a  swath of shorter grass about 1.5" wide between the Right of way and where the fencing would go. Suggesting proper maintenance.
Once that has set, spray with unscented hairspray and lightly add blues, white, pink and yellow for wild flowers.
I'm really liking the results so far. Now that I've painted the rail I can add the final ballast profile and get the final details in.

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