Monday, January 1, 2018

Finally, finally, finally!

It's only taken me 7 months to get this done! It's been that kind of year folks.
The boxcar parts from CRMPG(Canadian Railway Parts Manufacturers Guild) are now finally on the website.

The HO scale NSC-1 shown here.
This selection of parts was originally created by Stafford Swain and the late Dan Kirlin, to allow modelers to better recreate the unique looks of Canadian built '37 AAR design boxcars.
Extensive articles were published in Railroad Model Craftsman back in the early '90s documenting the CNR and CPR prototypes and how to model them.
The parts will work on IMWX, Red Caboose, Branchline trains and Intermountain Railway Company boxcar bodies.
Some of the parts have application for US road cars as well. The roofs in particular.
I'm thrilled to finally have these up on the website.

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