Thursday, January 11, 2018

The threat of the demise of NAFTA

Normally I would not bring international politics into this blog.
But this issue will potentially have huge impact upon me and my businesses.
If the current American Administration decides to pull the plug on NAFTA, and it`s looking more likely now then ever before, the free movement of goods between Canada and the USA  maybe severely restricted.
The short and long term impact upon Yarmouth Model Works and Elgin Car Shops remains a giant question mark. But I am concerned.
Duties maybe imposed on both sides of the border, forcing an increase in pricing.
Additional paperwork may slow the flow of items through the mails.
Now I appreciate that model trains are not a major item in the grand scheme of the global economy, but it is a large part of how I earn a living. And many you have come to enjoy the products and services I offer.

So I ask my American neighbors, friends and customers to send a word to their Congressional and Senatorial representatives and ask them to rethink the notion of throwing back up trade barriers with the country that still remains your largest trading partner.

And I'm also asking on behalf of all of the workers on both sides of the border whose livelihoods rely upon the free movement of goods. There are a lot more of us than you might first think.

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