Monday, January 1, 2018

It's been quite a year

Well it's behind us now and today's a new day.
Here at Elgin Car Shops and Yarmouth Model Works  it's been roller coaster ride of a year.
Much of the first part of the year was taken up with my mother-in-law's cancer treatment and finally her passing.
One of the consequences of the "distraction" is that custom model building as fallen further behind.
With a little luck, I hope to be able to catchup some in the next few months. Fortunately, the vast majority of my clientele are very patient and understanding people.
Thank you all for your patience.
Yarmouth Model Works , on the other hand has had a banner year.
4 all new HO scale kits and 2 S scale kits were released with great success.
Regular readers will know that the S scale cars had an unfortunate demise, but the success of the initial sales have encouraged me to consider more S scale cars in the future.
In 2018, HO scale modelers can look forward to 4-6 new kits.
More of the ACF built boxcars, some rather unique North Eastern road cars, and if we can ever get the pattern finished, the Soo line stock car!
And beyond that who knows!
Yarmouth Model Works started out as small idea. It has now blossomed into the 3rd largest model railroad resin kit manufacturer in North America. And that success is in large part due to the support from you the modelers.
So I'd like to thank all of you have supported me in this endeavour with your hard earned cash, and your moral support.
Looks like you're stuck with me for another year!

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Anonymous said...

Prioritize that Soo stock car! I spent enough time drawing it :)