Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Money well spent!

This past January, while attending Prototype Rails in Cocoa Beach, FL, I came across a product that I found rather intriguing.
This company, Dimensional Modeling Concepts, was selling this neat looking system for making barbed wire fences.

Knowing that I had more than my fair share of right of way fencing in the offing, I purchased the system, and I can now report, I LOVE IT!
What you get is a bag of posts, a spacer tool and this fancy reel holder thingie, that holds 4 spools of a metallic thread that has a texture in it which suggests barbed wire.
The process is simple.
Plant the poles, every 15' is suggested, and using the spacer tool move down the line using CA to adhere the wire to the poles as you go.
The holder has just the right amount of tension in it to help keep the strands taut enough to work with.
It took me maybe 10 minutes to run 4' of fencing, and that was on the first attempt.
Tomorrow, I'll come back and color the wires a rust tone, they're a little bright right now!