Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A rather frenetic week

So much so that today is the first time I've had time to sit down and generate blog posts about much of the activity.
It all started on Sunday, June 22nd, with my traveling to Toronto to meet up with my friend from Germany, Thorsten. He had come over earlier with some other friends for a hockey junket and stayed an extra week to visit my wife and I and get a full dose model railroading Canadian style.
On the Sunday we visited my pal Trevor Marshall and ran trains on Trevor's Port Rowan layout for the afternoon. That fun was well described in Trevor's blog, http://themodelrailwayshow.com/cn1950s/?p=4808 as well as Chris Abbott's blog, http://bobcatts2bits.blogspot.ca/2014/06/a-grand-day-out.html.
Thorsten very quickly got the knack of Canadian style paperwork and had a great time moving S scale trains around on Trevor's layout. Many thanks to Trevor for opening the door and letting us see his stunning layout.
Some more hockey and then home to ST Thomas on the Monday, which was followed up with a visit on Tuesday to the World Headquarters of Fast Tracks in Port Dover. There Thorsten picked up a few choice items made by Tim Warris and we got to see the stunning Bronx Terminal Railway layout that Tim has built. The layout was out being prepared for it's annual trip to the NMRA National Train Show, so our timing was perfect, allowing Thorsten to see some of the finest trackwork out there.
The bonus of going to Port Dover was that the drive parallels the Cayuga Sub that I model, so I could show Thorsten the LDEs (layout design elements) that I've used on my layout.
On the Wed. we traveled to Sarnia and visited Don Janes. Don free-lances New England railroads in the 50's and since Thorsten plans to build a layout centred around Bellows Falls, the visit was useful as well as inspiring. You might know a bit about Don as  he has written many feature articles for MR and RMC over the years.
Thursday was the second "Sea Trial" for the Wabash Cayuga Sub. More about that in another post. For now, suffice to say it went very well and my overseas visitor got his first dose of TT&TO style ops.
I'm happy to report there were no "incidents" on the railroad from a failure to follow the schedule or orders.
We finished the week with a little shopping in London and a day of scenery work on the layout. Sunday was drive to the airport in Toronto and back with the added bonus of my having lost power steering in the van. I'm rediscovering certain muscle groups as a result.
Yesterday was another 22 hour work day for a concert, so this is the first time I've been able to catchup. There are a couple more posts to follow today.
Stay tuned!

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Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64) said...

"Stunning"? You're either too kind, or you're thinking of some other Trevor's layout. But I'll go for Option 1, and say "Thank you". This past week was great fun - it's always a pleasure to see Thorsten. Next time, we need to go to his place for an ops session!