Friday, July 4, 2014

Dealing with glue blorts

For many years the common wisdom for gluing down scenery texture was to spread your material, sawdust, groundfoam or what ever, soak it with "wet" water and then dribble in thinned white glue.
Whenever I worked that way this would result;

A not very interesting cross between moonscape and Passchendaele. And not the desired result.
So a little thinking and experimenting followed and I've come up with this approach.
I start with filling in the open spaces with extruded polystyrene, I used to use a cardboard lattice and plaster bandages, took too long.

That can be shaped, sanded, carved to one's hearts content.
Over top of that I apply a thin layer of Sculptamold. I really like this product. It has a reasonable working time and when dry has just the right amount of texture. It can be troweled while wet and it sticks well to the foam.
Over the Sculptamold I'll apply a coat of "earth" coloured paint and let that dry.
Over that comes the first layer of texture and colour.
I brush a coat of thinned white glue first and thin sift "Burnt Grass" over the entire area. Sort of a primer coat if you will.
Note the lack of "blowouts".
Once that dries, another coat of glue is brushed over the surface.
Over this is sifted a brighter green foam and a light scatter of dark green and a controlled application of yellow for weeds.
Once this dries, we're getting closer to the desired result.
This is now my base coat of colour and texture. I really like the variations and the randomness of the colours. Over this will go static grasses, poly fibers and other textures before the right of way fences, telegraph poles, trees get placed. And the final layer of ballast.
All that for another day.

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Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64) said...

Well, just look at you go! You're going to have a first pass of scenery over the whole layout by the next time I visit, I'm betting. It's looking great already - and I recognize the corner as the line between Simcoe and Rymal.