Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Richard Hendrickson

This is not how one wants to start their day;
This morning I was presented with this email;
I have just heard the terribly sad news that Richard died in a fall a couple of days ago. I don't know any details. Richard was a marvelously well-informed historian and modeler, and always very generous with his time and information to anyone who needed help. An awful lot of us will miss him greatly.
Tony Thompson Editor, Signature Press, Berkeley, CA

Like so many in the modeling community I was shocked and saddened by this news. I considered Richard a friend and mentor. He was a source of so much prototype data for modelers and manufacturers and was always gracious and  generous with his knowledge. He was always supportive to new model train business ventures. I received much unqualified support from Richard over the years.
I also had the privilege of having Richard as a client. I have built a number of ATSF resin kits for Richard. For me it's an honour to be asked to do work for someone as high profile as Richard.
I first met Richard at the 2003 NMRA National in Toronto, where we had a lovely chat and over the years whenever our paths crossed many pleasant conversations ensued.
Our hobby as suffered a tremendous blow with this news, the likes of Richard may never be seen again in the world of prototype modeling.
The only upside to this sad news for me is that at least he passed quickly. I would rather go from an accident than linger in a bed for months or even years.
I'm sorry to see him gone.
Thanks Richard. 

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