Sunday, July 12, 2015

And it all comes together.

A couple of days for decal application and these guys are done.

All they are waiting for is trucks and airhoses, but that'll take 1/2 an hour. The trucks are sitting in Port Huron, waiting for me to go and get them. Between waiting for etchings for the new kits and the foot surgery, traveling to Port Huron has not been an option.
I'm very pleased with how these cars have turned out. That whole SFRD paint scheme is a real eye catcher. It took a little time to get the orange right. The initial mix of 2 parts reefer yellow and one part reefer orange was way to orange. It's about 6-1 yellow to orange I think, using Scalecoat. And if I do another batch of these I'll vary the tone a little.
And many thanks to Ted Culotta who helped me out with the maps and slogans for 2 of the cars.
So how many can I do for you?

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