Saturday, July 11, 2015

What are they up to?

Yesterday I had a visitor up from Ohio. It's always great to see Bob. Usually we only meet up at the RPM in Naperville, but Bob felt the need to drop off the grid for a couple of days so he came to visit. His first time in to St Thomas. So he got the nickel tour of all the railroad related sites in town.
The old Pere Marquette facilities.
The L&PS trackage.
The CASO station and shops.
The Wabash yard and shops.
and the CPR interchange in the east end of town.
It was while I was showing him the footings of the Wabash roundhouse door posts that we came across this.
For some reason, they have scrapped off the soil that was covering this part of the old roundhouse floor.
Now I have yet another small mystery to solve. Whatever are they doing exposing this old floor? I can't conceive of a single good reason for this.
Fortunately we know a fellow who works for CNR who may be able to shed light on this. Now if he'd only answer his phone.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the section forces have simply exposed the concrete to give a solid base to store their track material on. Otherwise it may sink into the ground over time.

Steve Lucas.

Pierre Oliver said...

Perhaps, but that's never been an issue until now. And they went to alot of trouble to expose an old inspection pit to the right. You can see the bits of timber that cover the pit.

Bruce Smith said...

Probably the canadian version of FEMA building a secret internment camp ;)

Trevor said...

I wonder if it was the railway that did this work? Maybe a university archaeology program or some such is doing a dig, with permission from the railway? Just a thought...