Saturday, July 25, 2015

New kits from Yarmouth Model Works

The pilot models are done!
Assembled, painted, decaled, and a touch of weathering.
First, the ATSF 12 panel 40' boxcar.

This set of kits is dedicated to the memory of Richard Hendrickson, the grand man of prototype modeling. A better resource for freight car history just doesn't exist and a really nice guy. Richard was very helpful in the creation of this kit. He shared many photos and a great car history which is included in the kit.
This car comes in 3 kits;
105.1 Bx-48, 50, 51 Square panel roof and Trilock R/B
105.2 Bx-53, 60, 62 Diagonal panel roof and Trilock R/B
105.2 Bx-63  Diagonal panel roof and USG R/B
These kits will retail for $60.00 ea.
They include specially designed etched parts, all new etched ladder and rungs and a custom set of Speedwitch Media decals which include all the slogans for both the "map" and "Ship and Travel" and Kato ASF A-3 trucks.
Kit #107
The Northern Pacific 1937 AAR boxcar.
We did this kit as a compliment to the stunning decal set offered by Speedwitch Media and because our pattern maker models NP.
This kit has the distinctive lower door track, custom 15" rung center ladders, additional etchings and laser cut R/Bs and the Speedwitch decal set. as well as a set of Tahoe Model Works trucks.
This kit will retail for $55.00
The models will be officially released for sale at the St Louis RPM, Aug 6 & 8 2015.
After that date they will be available for sale on the website and at the Naperville RPM in Oct.
Hope you like them!


Trevor said...

Nice looking cars, and I'm glad to see that you got them done in time for St. Louis. I'm sure they'll sell well.
Dedicating the ATSF cars to Richard is a great tribute. Kudos to you and your colleagues at Yarmouth Model Works.
- Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

Daniel McConnachie said...

Great looking cars, Pierre.