Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nothing like working to a deadline.

The St Louis RPM is in 2 1/2 weeks and I want to have 4 new kits ready in time for the show.
Just now I finally finished assembling the pilot models and they are in the spray booth drying.
First is the Northern Pacific 1937 AAR boxcar. This car was done by us for a few of reasons. The lower door track was in a unique position compared to the "stock" AAR cars and I wanted to reflect that in a model. Also Speedwitch Media offers a beautiful decal set for this car and I wanted a model as good as the decals to show them off. Lastly Aaron had shown me this body pattern a little while ago and I felt his efforts warranted showing off.
Proper 15" rung center ladders have been created for this model and 15" wide end ladders are provided for as well, along with all the usual etched details you've come to expect from Yarmouth Model Works.
The other kits are the ATSF 12 panel riveted boxcars. Other than a plastic model with cast on details this car has not been offered up in kit form before. The production run will actually consist of 3 kits covering off the variations in the production runs.
Speedwitch Media created a special set of decals for us for this kit which will cover off all the variations and slogans that were applied to these cars before the application of the "giant herald" in 1959.
Custom ladders and other etched details have been created to help create a real stand out model.
I fully expect to have kits for sale in St Louis now that the pilot models are done.
Now to sit down and write the instructions.

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