Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Progress this day II

Well the stitches are out of my toe.
The doctor and I are both very pleased with progress. And I'm mobile again. Yippee!
I have been working some, but the elevated foot requirements have restricted my time at the bench. But today following my return from the podiatrist real progress was seen in the shop.
Let's see what we've got here.
From back to front;
One classic resin kit. A Steam Shack CV end door autocar. How old is this kit? I'm pretty sure that it was one of the very first resin kits I ever built when it first came out decades ago. I was inspired by a product review in RMC, to acquire and build 2 of them. Who knew where it would lead to?
Beside the CV car are 2 Sunshine NYC Express Reefers. A pair of really nicely designed kits that reward the modeler with a very striking car when done.
Those 3 are just drying after getting the decals applied on the second side.
And in front are 3 Sunshine SFRD Rr-5-9, 11 ice reefers. They are now ready for detail painting and the application of the hatches. All the hatches will be open as per the clients request, so the first thing tomorrow is to paint the canvas plug covers on the hatches themselves, along with picking out in black all the hardware on the car sides.
Even though multi-colour reefers are extra work, I enjoy them. They are always pleasant to look at and reward the extra effort with their appeal.
Oh and lurking in the very back are the test castings for 2 new kits. So things are happening in that department as well.
So many models, so little time.

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